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Selected lectures at conferences:


How Apple strives for the perfect sky and revives cities

Professional Lighting Design Convention. Rotterdam, 23.-26.10.2019


Streetscapes at Night:

Lighting between Safety, Identity and Transformation

City Street3, Beirut, 31.10.-3.11.2018

Slides Keynote


Light for Brand Communication:

When Lighting becomes Part of CI

IALD Enlighten Europe. Berlin, 9.-11.2014

Light for Brand Communication:

When Lighting becomes Part of CI

Euroshop. Düsseldorf, 19.2.2014


Optoelectronics for efficient visual comfort

Smart Lighting. Frankfurt, 14.5.2013


Impact of Lighting Design on Brand Image

Experience Light. Eindhoven, 12.-13.11.2012


Media facades: When buildings start to twitter

Expo Lighting America. Mexico City, 29.2.-2.3.2012


Luminous walls: From stained glass windows via modernist wallwashing to pixelated planes

Professional Lighting Design Convention. Madrid, 19.-22.10.2011

Learning light and identity

Professional Lighting Design Pre-Convention. Madrid, 19.10.2011

How store lighting influences store atmosphere, price and quality perceptions and shopping intention

Stephan Zielke, Thomas Schielke: European Marketing Academy 40th Conference. Ljubliana. 24.-27.5.2011.

Media facades: When buildings start to twitter

3rd Lighting Solution Conference. Dubai, 26.04.2011

Media facades: When buildings start to twitter

Illuminated city symposium. Portland/USA, 9.04.2011


Designing lighting solutions

Shaping Light. Howest-Industrial Design Center. Kortrijk/BE, 27.01.2010


The aesthetic of luminous ceilings:

From the image of heaven to dynamic light

Professional Lighting Design Convention. Berlin, 29.-30.10.2009

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Light and corporate identity

Experiencing Light. Eindhoven/NL, 26.-27.10.2009


Let there be light! Architectural considerations in lighting design

Stadia Design & Technology. Warsaw, 21.-22.4.2009

Luminous brands

Enlighten Europe Conference. London, 4.-5.2.2009


Architecture and lighting design with LEDs

LED in lighting technology. Haus der Technik. Essen, 10.-11.3.2008

Light and Space - Luminaires as Architectural Details

Symposium Finishes without limits. German Center for Architecture DAZ. Berlin, 21.02.2008


Stadiums as images of light

International Congress for the Design, Construction, Modernization and Management of Sports and Leisure Facilities. Cologne, 31.10.-2.10.2007

Architectural lighting images - influence of visualisation

Professional Lighting Design Convention. London, 25.-27.10.2007

Learning from Architectural Lighting for Automotive Interior Lighting

7th International Symposium on Automotive Lighting. Darmstadt, 25.-26.9.2007


Innovative Lighting with LEDs.

VDI Conference - The Association of German Engineers.
Duesseldorf, 21.-22.11.2006: Outdoor Lighting and LED

First principles in architectural lighting - and how we can use them for automotive interior lighting

Future for Automotive Lighting. L-LAB Summerschool 2006.
Winterberg, 18.-22.9.2006.

DALI - Plug&Play and Software Technology: user-friendly installation, easy operation

Licht 2006. CH-Bern, 10.-13.9.2006.


Designing Atmosphere With Light - Lighting Effects And Illumination Technologies

International CTI Forum Automotive Interior. Wiesbaden, 4.-6.7.2005.

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