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A complete list of publications is available on Mendeley:
Mendeley - Thomas Schielke

Selected publications:

The language of lighting: Applying semiotics in the evaluation of lighting design. Leukos. 2019. Vol 15, 2-3.
> Article open access: DOI: 10.1080/15502724.2018.1518715

Interpreting Art with Light: Museum lighting between Objectivity and Hyperrealism. Leukos. 2019. Vol 16, 1.
> Article open access: DOI: 10.1080/15502724.2018.1530123

Superlux. Smart Light Art, Design & Architecture for Cities

Davina Jackson (ed.), Mary-Anne Kyriakou, Vesna Petresin, Thomas Schielke, Peter Weibel and Peter Droege. Thames & Hudson, 2015.
Review: Professional Lighting Design

Validity of simulations for lighting and brand image evaluation
2015 June. > Article: DOI: 10.1177/1477153515589116

Influence of lighting design on marketing communication
In: Leukos. 2015. Vol 11,3.
> Article: DOI:10.1080/15502724.2015.1020949


Urban data as light - From sensor-driven media facades to data communication through visual light

In: a+u (Architecture + Urbanism). 2014

Impact of lighting design on brand image for fashion retail stores
In: Lighting Research and Technology. 2014 July.
> Article: DOI: 10.1177/1477153514541831

Corporate lighting: Methods and techniques of architectural lighting for brand communication

Doctoral thesis. Darmstadt University of Technology
> Thesis online

Tutorial: Rationale, Concepts, and Techniques for Lighting Vertical Surfaces.
In: Leukos. 2013, 9 (4), p.223-243.
> Article: DOI: 10.1582/LEUKOS.2013.09.04.001

Light Matters

Monthly column on light and space for ArchDaily

> Light Matters online

Effects of illumination on store atmosphere, price, and quality perception, and shopping intention
S. Zielke, T. Schielke: 2012 AMA Winter/Summer Educator´s Conference. American Marketing Association. Chicago

Interchangable lenses allow for differentiated light distribution in architectural lighting
in: LEDs Maganzine. April. Bristol. > Text online

Light and corporate identity: Using lighting for brand communication
in: Lighting Research and Technology. Sep, 42 (3).

> Abstract: DOI:

Optimising costs in lighting design:
Total cost of ownership of a lighting system

in: Light Design. No. 43 Sep/Oct. Russia, Moscow


Light Perspectives between culture and technology

ERCO, Germany. > Sample chapter

Proper light for presentations

in: Exhibitions and Displays. Detail, Germany


Luminous brands
in: archithese. No. 3. Zürich, Switzerland. > Text online

Elevators as spaces made of light
in: Elevator World. Edition July. Alabama, USA

Lighting for the retail world
in: Light Design. No. 28 Sep/Oct. Russia, Moscow

Designing with light: practical planning.
Light distribution

in: Lighting&Design. No. 2. Bedfordview, South Africa

See, to see and being seen
in: Hotel & Technik. No. 2. Fellbach

Illuminating monuments
in: Lighting India. Edition Jan/Feb. Bombay

Lighting your way to the top -
Lighting concepts for lifts

in: Professional Lighting Design. No. 58. Guetersloh

Light & Living Space

in: Lighting India. Edition Sept/Oct. Bombay

Learning from Architectural Lighting for Automotive Interior Lighting

in: 7th International Symposium on Automotive Lighting ISAL 2007 Proceedings of the Conference: Volume 12. Herbert Utz Verlag. Munich

Light for the Retail World

in: Lighting India. Edition Jan/Feb. Bombay

Colour compensation for LED technology enables colorconstant RGB luminaires

in: LEDs Magazine. April. Bristol. > Text online

DALI - Plug&Play and Software Technology: user-friendly installation, easy operation

in: Gebaeudedigital. Edition March/April. Marburg

Illuminating stadiums

in: FuturArc. 1st quarter. Singapore


The iconographic power of stadium lighting

in: Professional Lighting Design. No. 48. Guetersloh

Light concepts for façades.

Light - Physical basics

in: Alexander Schmidt, Martin Töllner: Stadt Licht.

Fraunhofer IRB Verlag. (german)

Digital lighting systems for contemporary housing

in: Deutsche Bauzeitung. Edition 01. Gütersloh. (german)


Lighting Landscapes

in: Southeast Asia Building. Issue November/December. Singapore

The art of lighting art

in: Architecture China. Issue October. Hong Kong

Lighting tools for uniform vertical illumination

in: Professional Lighting Design. No. 43. Guetersloh

Perception-Orientated Lighting Design for Dark Sky

in: Lighting Today. Volume One. Singapore


Urban Squares - Light and Outdoor design

with Harald Hofmann, in: Jürgen Knirsch: Stadtplaetze.

Alexander Koch Verlag. (german)