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The language of lighting: Applying semiotics in the evaluation of lighting design.
Leukos. 2019. Vol 15, 2-3.
Article open access: DOI: 10.1080/15502724.2018.1518715

Interpreting Art with Light: Museum lighting between Objectivity and Hyperrealism.
Leukos. 2019. Vol 16, 1.
Article open access: DOI: 10.1080/15502724.2018.1530123

“I am grateful that you chose to submit your work to LEUKOS, as your manuscripts truly embody the best of what LEUKOS can be. The work you have published in LEUKOS has been non-traditional in the sense that it has not emphasized scientific research results. Instead, your papers have been about 1) influence of lighting design on marketing communication, 2) application of semiotics in the evaluation of lighting design, 3) interpreting art with light, and 4) tutorial for lighting vertical surfaces. Another journal may have been less receptive to these articles because they do not report results from hypothesis-driven research. But I saw in each of them a particular kind of novelty and timeliness, driven by concepts and theories that you developed and contextualized within applied lighting. I think it has been rewarding for both of us to see how well received all of your articles have been. Your semiotics article is the 2nd most read article published in LEUKOS! There is no doubt that you have contributed to making LEUKOS what is has become.”

Kevin Houser, editor of LEUKOS journal 2011-2023

Superlux. Smart Light Art, Design & Architecture for Cities
Davina Jackson (ed.), Mary-Anne Kyriakou, Vesna Petresin, Thomas Schielke, Peter Weibel and Peter Droege. Thames & Hudson, 2015.

Validity of simulations for lighting and brand image evaluation
2015 June. Article: DOI: 10.1177/1477153515589116

Influence of lighting design on marketing communication
Leukos. 2015. Vol 11,3. Article: DOI:10.1080/15502724.2015.1020949


Urban data as light – From sensor-driven media facades to data communication through visual light
In: a+u (Architecture + Urbanism). 2014

Impact of lighting design on brand image for fashion retail storesIn: Lighting Research and Technology. 2014 July. Article: DOI: 10.1177/1477153514541831

Corporate lighting: Methods and techniques of architectural lighting for brand communication
Doctoral thesis. Darmstadt University of Technology
Thesis online


Tutorial: Rationale, Concepts, and Techniques for Lighting Vertical Surfaces.
Leukos. 2013, 9 (4), p.223-243.
Article: DOI: 10.1582/LEUKOS.2013.09.04.001

Light Matters
Monthly column on light and space for ArchDaily
Light Matters online


Effects of illumination on store atmosphere, price, and quality perception, and shopping intention
S. Zielke, T. Schielke: 2012 AMA Winter/Summer Educator´s Conference. American Marketing Association. Chicago

Interchangable lenses allow for differentiated light distribution in architectural lighting
in: LEDs Maganzine. April. Bristol. > Text online

Light and corporate identity: Using lighting for brand communication
in: Lighting Research and Technology. Sep, 42 (3).
Abstract: DOI: 10.1177/1477153510369526

Optimising costs in lighting design: Total cost of ownership of a lighting system
in: Light Design. No. 43 Sep/Oct. Russia, Moscow


Light Perspetives between culture and technology. Image: ERCO,

Light Perspectives between culture and technology
ERCO, Germany. > Sample chapter

Proper light for presentations
in: Exhibitions and Displays. Detail, Germany


Luminous brands
in: archithese. No. 3. Zürich, Switzerland.
Text online

Elevators as spaces made of light
in: Elevator World. Edition July. Alabama, USA

Lighting for the retail world
in: Light Design. No. 28 Sep/Oct. Russia, Moscow

Designing with light: practical planning. Light distribution
in: Lighting&Design. No. 2. Bedfordview, South Africa

See, to see and being seen
in: Hotel & Technik. No. 2. Fellbach

Illuminating monuments
in: Lighting India. Edition Jan/Feb. Bombay


Lighting your way to the top – Lighting concepts for lifts
in: Professional Lighting Design. No. 58. Guetersloh

Light & Living Space
in: Lighting India. Edition Sept/Oct. Bombay

Learning from Architectural Lighting for Automotive Interior Lighting
in: 7th International Symposium on Automotive Lighting ISAL 2007 Proceedings of the Conference: Volume 12. Herbert Utz Verlag. Munich

Light for the Retail World
in: Lighting India. Edition Jan/Feb. Bombay

Colour compensation for LED technology enables colorconstant RGB luminaires
in: LEDs Magazine. April. Bristol. > Text online

DALI – Plug&Play and Software Technology: user-friendly installation, easy operation
in: Gebaeudedigital. Edition March/April. Marburg

Illuminating stadiums
in: FuturArc. 1st quarter. Singapore


The iconographic power of stadium lighting
in: Professional Lighting Design. No. 48. Guetersloh

Light concepts for façades.
Light – Physical basics
in: Alexander Schmidt, Martin Töllner: Stadt Licht.
Fraunhofer IRB Verlag. (german)

Digital lighting systems for contemporary housing
in: Deutsche Bauzeitung. Edition 01. Gütersloh. (german)


Lighting Landscapes
in: Southeast Asia Building. Issue November/December. Singapore

The art of lighting art
in: Architecture China. Issue October. Hong Kong

Lighting tools for uniform vertical illumination
in: Professional Lighting Design. No. 43. Guetersloh

Perception-Orientated Lighting Design for Dark Sky
in: Lighting Today. Volume One. Singapore2004

Urban Squares – Light and Outdoor design
with Harald Hofmann, in: Jürgen Knirsch: Stadtplaetze.
Alexander Koch Verlag. (german)