Tongji University: Video tutorials for residential lighting in China

Lighting design students from Tongji University created inspiring video tutorials to improve residential lighting. They developed concepts to enhance the lighting quality of small apartments and introduced steps to save energy. Within the one week workshop the students analysed residential lighting in China, created storyboards for the tutorials, produced visualisations, edited the film and developed a strategy to communicate the video tutorials in Chinese social media channels. Linked annotations in the workshop film summary will take you to the final student video tutorials.

Students: Chen Yaodong, Dong Yingjun, Fu Meiqi, Ge Liang, Jin Qiying, Shao Rongdi, Xu Junli, Yang Xiu, Yin Wenting, Zeng Kun, Zhang Ji, Zhang Meng, Zhou Na, Zhou Yinan


Tongji University, Shanghai. 22.-26. April 2013.
College of Architecture & Urban Planning
Vision & Lighting Art Research Center Tongji University

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