Corporate Lighting: Architectural lighting for brand communication

In a period where companies and their products have become more indistinguishable, corporate identity is not solely restricted to graphic design any longer, but aspects such as architectural lighting have started to play an increasingly important role. The dissertation therefore, detects lighting methods and techniques for corporate architecture. The research examines lighting history, design processes, as well as lighting solutions and their suitability for different corporate design concepts. The investigated projects range from retail, company headquarters and gastronomy to hotels and urban lighting master plans. They are analysed for their subtle or expressive use of modern light sources, luminaire designs and lighting concepts.

Online access to complete doctoral thesis
Corporate lighting. PDF file

Selected Publications:

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Selected conferences

  • Enlighten Europe. Berlin, 9.-11.11.2014
  • IES Annual Conference, Huntington Beach/CA   USA, 26.-29.2013  
  • Experiencing Light. Eindhoven/NL, 12.-13.11.2012
  • Enlighten Europe Conference. London, 4.-5.2.2009 
  • Experiencing Light. Eindhoven/NL, 26.-27.10.2009